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Arksoil KNE

Provides a balanced nutrition of plants, affects the quality of products

FOOD ELEMENTS,%: N - 6-6,5, P2O5 - 3-4, K2O - 9-9,5, MG - 1.0-3.0, CA - LESS than 0.5, FE - NOT MORE than 1, MN - NOT MORE than 1.5, CU - MORE THAN 1, ZN - MORE THAN 1, CO - MORE THAN 1, LIQUID POTENTIUM HUMATE 15%
  • Indol-acetic acid - (IAA, heteroauxin), the main hormone of plants from group of auxins. Activates a metabolism in cages, promotes growth of plants. participates in blossoming of a plant and consequently and in formation of a further harvest.

  • α-alanine - (2-aminopropanoic acid) it is aliphatic amino acid. α-Alanin is a part of many proteins, β-аланин — structure of a number of biologically active connections. In it its main function also consists in our medicine - it is necessary as amino acid for rapid growth of a plant and also acts as a stimulator of immunity of a plant.

  • α-glutamic acid - (2-aminopentane acid) - an organic compound, aliphatic dicarbonic amino acid. In a plant glutamic acid is a part of proteins, a number of low-molecular substances and in a free look. Glutamic acid plays an important role in nitrogenous exchange. It neutralizes excess of the ammonia coming to plants or which is formed at disintegration of proteins and at the same time they are a reserve of the dicarbonic amino acids necessary for reamination reactions. It is function of a growth factor and stress relief for a plant.

  • Poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid - (also β-hydroxybutyrate, β-hydroxybutyric acid, abbr. BOMK) it is monobasic carbonic hydroxyacid. Enhances immunity of plants, their natural ability to resist diseases. Owing to immunization has the weak treating and pronounced preventive effect. It stimulates growth of plants, laying of new escapes and kidneys. Activization of various enzymes also causes synthesis of salicylic acid which immunizes plants. Fabrics gain nonspecific resistance to pathogens (the system acquired stability). Except the immunizing action, acid promotes the accelerated laying of generative bodies and sprouts of plants, but also in a significant amount gets to a radical part of the soil. It leads to changes among microorganisms. The quantity of pathogenic microorganisms decreases, so she acts as also system fungicide

  • Auxins and products of their metabolism - some of the most well-known growth stimulants of plants (shoots) of plants, stimulate apical dominance, the plant grows in phototropism (towards the light), stimulates root growth in gravitropism (growth down), high physiological activity. Thus, our drug affects cell growth in stretching phases, stimulates growth and differentiation of cells and plants as a whole, determines the interaction of individual organs, regulates correlative growth (to nutrition or light) helps the growth of adventitious roots, slows down the aging of the plant.

  • Brassinosteroids - phytohormones class steroids that support the normal functioning of the immune system of the plant, especially in adverse conditions, such as at low temperatures, frosts, flooding, drought, disease, pesticides, soil salinization, etc. They can be called - stress adaptogens with strong growth-promoting activity. Contained in each plant cell in very small quantities. The concentration of the enzymes of the biosynthesis of brassinosteroids is highest in young plant tissues, which grow most rapidly. Phytoncides are biologically active substances formed by plants that kill or inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, microscopic fungi and protozoa.

  • Brassinosteroids - the phytohormones of a class of steroids supporting normal functioning of the immune system of a plant, especially in adverse conditions, for example, at the lowered temperatures, frosts, flooding, a drought, diseases, effect of pesticides, salinization of the soil, etc. It is possible to call them - the stressful adaptogens having strong rostostimuliruyushchy activity. Contain in each plant cell in very small quantity. Concentration of enzymes of biosynthesis of brassinosteroid is highest in young fabrics of a plant most of which intensively grow. Phytoncides - biologically active agents formed by plants killing or suppressing growth and development of bacteria, microscopic mushrooms and protozoa.

  • Silicon in a form, available to plants, - the second in prevalence chemical element in crust, but contains in a form of silicon, available to plants, very little. Silicon has significant effect on growth and development of plants, increases productivity and improves quality of products. At the same time the positive effect of silicon is especially noticeable at plants in stressful conditions. Silicon gives to plants mechanical durability, strengthens walls of cages, providing rigidity of various bodies of a plant. Silicon in optimum doses promotes the best exchange in fabrics of nitrogen and phosphorus, increases consumption of a pine forest and some other elements; provides decrease in toxicity superfluous amount of heavy metals. Optimization of silicon food of plants leads to increase in the area of leaves. In such conditions at plants stronger cellular walls therefore the danger of drowning of crops and also defeats by their diseases and wreckers decreases are formed. One of important functions of active forms of silicon is stimulation of development of a root system. Researches on cereal, citrus fruit, vegetable crops and fodder herbs showed that at improvement of silicon food of plants the quantity of secondary and tertiary backs increases by 20–100%. The deficiency of silicon food serves as one of the limiting factors of development of a root system of plants. It is established that optimization of silicon food increases efficiency of photosynthesis and activity of a root system.

  • Application and compatibility with other drugs

    Spraying vegetative plants (in the morning or evening): the required amount of Arxoil KNE is dissolved in the required amount of water and mixed thoroughly. Spraying is carried out evenly, wetting the leaves. The working solution is used on the day of preparation. Arksoil KNE is compatible with most of the permitted pesticides (herbicides (insecticides and fungicides (including seed treatment)) and with mineral fertilizers. Treatment with the preparation can be carried out both root and foliar. Working solutions of combined preparations should be applied immediately after preparation and with the mixer running.

  • Safety measures during the work, transportation and storage

    Toxicity class 3B. When working with the drug must comply with standard safety measures and personal hygiene. In case of accidental ingestion of the drug on the skin or in the eyes, rinse with water, and if it comes into the mouth, rinse. Wash face and hands with soap after work. If necessary, consult a poison control center: 129010, Moscow, Sukharevskaya Square, 3, Moscow Research Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosovsky. Information and Consultative Toxicological Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia (working around the clock), telephone + 7-495-680-41-54. Special disinfection of containers and contaminated clothing is not required. Released bottles and shipping containers are disposed of with household waste in designated places. Transportation. The drug is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules in force in this type of transport with mandatory protection from precipitation.

  • Storage

    Store Arksoil KNE in a dark, cool and dry, isolated room. The guaranteed shelf life of Arksoil KNE in unopened packaging of the manufacturer is 24 months, at a temperature of +1 to +25 C.

CultureConsumption rate of ml per 1 hectare of foliar application (spraying)Recommended frequency of treatments (indicated for the whole vegetation period)Phases of development of cultures in which it is recommended to carry out processing
Grain crops: winter and spring wheat, winter rye, buckwheat80-1201Milky Wax ripeness
Corn100-1401Cob formation
Sunflower80-1201Basket formation
Flax fiber
After flowering
Melons: watermelon, melon60-1001Flowering, fruit formation
Potatoes1202After blossoming
Apple tree260130 days before cleaning
Grapes2601Bunch formation
Beet, sugar beet, table
Pepper, eggplant
In the process of filling the fruit
Urban greenery (ornamental plants and shrubs)
Pine, spruce, larch
During the growing season, except for the flowering phase (except orchids)
Flower crops45-602At all stages of growth, with a frequency of 1-2 weeks
Arksoil preparations - use in a complex for the best result!
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