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Arksoil Destructor

Soil fertility restorer

  • "Arksoil Destructor" - a biological product of multifunctional action, aimed at restoring soil fertility. Biological product due to the activation of microbiological processes:

  • Accelerates the process of decomposition of plant residues;

  • Improves fertility by enriching the soil with organic matter;

  • Destroys pathogens transmitted through the soil and plant debris;

  • Increases the content of mobile forms of phosphorus in the soil and enhances nitrogen fixation;

  • Reduces the pesticide load on the mail

  • Benefits of use:

  • Environmentally safe drug - 4 class of danger, harmless to humans, animals, birds and insects;

  • The action of the drug is based on the mechanisms of natural transformation of plant residues into components of humic substances in the soil;

  • Included in the preparation of bacteria are able to grow and multiply at different temperatures from +4 to 50 C.

  • Terms and methods of use

    The working solution is prepared immediately before use. To prepare the working solution, it is necessary to fill the container with half of the required volume with non-chlorinated water, add the preparation and carefully mix the required amount of water. The working fluid should be used on the day of preparation. Arxoil Destructor is applied to the soil in the fall after harvest. Crop residues are treated at a dose of 250 ml / ha, with a working fluid consumption rate of 200 l / ha with a sprayer. After processing, crop residues are buried in the soil with a typical soil tillage unit designed for soilless tillage

  • Opposite form

    The drug is a liquid from light brown to dark brown with a specific smell. The presence of sediment formed during storage

  • Storage conditions

    Store in unopened original packaging in dry, clean, ventilated rooms at temperatures from +4 to +20 ° C. It is necessary to exclude hit of direct sunshine. Shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture. Safety: Hazard Class 4, low hazard substance. Harmless to humans, animals, do not have toxicity.

  • Safety measures during the work, transportation and storage

    Toxicity class IV. When working with Arksoil Destructor, it is necessary to follow standard safety measures and personal hygiene. In case of accidental ingestion of the drug on the skin or in the eyes, rinse with water, and if it comes into the mouth, rinse. Wash face and hands with soap after work. If necessary, consult a poison control center: 129010, Moscow, Sukharevskaya Square, 3, Moscow Research Institute of Emergency Care. Sklifosovsky. Toxicological Information and Advisory Center (works round the clock), tel. 928-68-87, fax 921-68-85 or in the State Chemical Commission of the Russian Federation: tel. 207-63-90, 975-41-50, fax 208-62-84. Special disinfection of containers and contaminated clothing is not required. Released bottles and shipping containers are disposed of with household waste in designated places. The drug is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules in force in this type of transport with mandatory protection from precipitation. Store Arksoil Destructor in a dark, cool and dry, isolated room at a temperature of +4 to +20 C. Do not allow direct sunlight and freezing of the solution. Store in unopened original packaging in dry, clean, ventilated rooms at temperatures from +4 to +20 ° C. It is necessary to exclude hit of direct sunshine. Shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture

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