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Arksoyl BIO SP

Restores the useful microflora of the root zone

  • Drug description

    Arkosoil BIO JV is a dry form of a biological product immobilized on glauconite. It is an effective tool for rooting cuttings, seedlings, seedlings and seedlings of cultivated plants. It has pronounced growth-promoting and fungicidal properties. The biological product can be used as a dry top dressing for plants.

  • Applied

  • It is used for green cutting. To do this, freshly cut cuttings are simply dipped into dry powder and immediately placed in the substrate. The cuttings receive not only all the necessary growth-promoting substances that contribute to root formation, but also the entire set of necessary macro-, meso- and microelements, the most favorable conditions are created for the formation of a new root.

  • Prevents the development of mucus and the development of pathogenic fungi that cause rotting of the cutting rooting zone;

  • 30-35% increase in the percentage of rooting and plant survival. During testing, it was possible to graft some non-grafted plants;

  • Improves the structure and permeability of the soil, contributes to the prolongation of the action of the active ingredients of the drug. It improves the sorption characteristics of the soil, prevents the leaching of useful substances, the saturation of the soil with water, glauconite absorbs up to 80% of water from its mass and gives it to plants;

  • It contributes to the accumulation of all nutrients in the soil, regulates the diet of plants, regulates soil acidity, cation exchange capacity, buffering and redox processes, increases the digestibility of chemical and organic fertilizers by 20-40%;

  • Performs sorption of toxic substances and radionuclides and preventing their entry into plants and fruits, ensuring the cultivation of environmentally friendly agricultural products; It can be used for remediation of soils contaminated with significant doses of pesticides and agrochemicals;

  • Restores the natural biochemical processes in the soil, blocks in the soil and eliminates the ingestion of such toxic substances as radionuclides, toxic chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals (binds 99% of lead, 64% of mercury, 96% of copper, 97% of cobalt) ;

  • Improves quality, color, smell and appearance of agricultural products,

Culture, time, features of applicationDose of use
Vegetable, flower-decorative cultures (seedlings) - preparation of nutrient soil (substrate)50-80 g / 100 l of soil (substrate)
Vegetable, flower-decorative cultures (seedlings) - introduction during planting10-50 g / plant
Tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, squash - root feeding of plants in the phase of 2-4 leaves and then 1-2 times with an interval of 10-14 days12 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of the working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Onions, garlic - root feeding of plants in the phase of 2-4 leaves and then 1-2 times with an interval of 10-14 days12 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of the working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Green cultures - root top dressing of plants in a phase of 2-4 leaves and in 10-14 days12 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of the working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Gourds - root feeding of plants in the phase of the formation of lashes and 15-20 days after the first feeding180 ml / ha consumption of the working solution - depending on the irrigation rate
Strawberries - root planting of plants in the spring at the beginning of the renewal of the growing season, in the budding phase and after flowering12 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of the working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Decorative crops, incl. Conifers (trees, shrubs) - root feeding of plants in spring and at the beginning of the renewal of the growing season and then 1-2 times with an interval of 15-20 days15 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Flower cultures - root top dressing of plants during the growing season 2-4 times with an interval of 10-15 days15 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Gourds - root feeding of plants in the phase of the formation of lashes and 15-20 days after the first feeding12 ml / 10 l of water Consumption of the working solution - 5-10 l / m2
Vegetable, flower-decorative cultures - introduction at landing5-8 g / 10 l of soil (substrate)
Vegetable, flower-decorative cultures (seedlings) - preparation of nutrient soil (substrate)10-50 g / plant
Arksoil preparations - use in a complex for the best result!
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